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The Day of Ashura - Vector Illustration

Ashura is an important Islamic day that occurs on the tenth day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic lunar calendar. Ashura marks the death anniversary of Hussain ibn Ali, a 7th-century revolutionary leader who was killed in the Battle of Karbala. Hussain ibn Ali was the grandson of Muhammad (the last prophet of Islam), born in 620 AD.

Hussain grew up with stories of compassion and dignity his grandfather displayed, and as such became a leader who was known widely for his compassion, wisdom, and integrity. The Day of Ashura is recognized by millions across the world to remember Hussain’s dignified stand for social justice.

Hussain, his companions, and his family were forced to stop in the desert land of Karbala by Yazid’s soldiers. At dawn on the Day of Ashura, Hussain and his men knew what was coming and made their final prayers. Despite knowing they would die that day, all of Hussain’s men which had reached over 70 people, stayed loyal to him and their cause and chose to die loyal to their principles rather than live under a corrupt ruler.

The battle of Karbala began at noon. Despite the small number of Hussain and his men, knowing they would light the fire of revolution they fought the army of Yazid bravely. However, one after another the friends of Hussain were killed until only Hussain himself remained.

As the evening was drawing near, Hussain was all alone. Fatigued, thirsty, and heavily wounded he did not give up and stuck to his principles till the very end. Eventually, Hussain himself fell after being attacked by the army of Yazid from all sides. Hussain was killed – but his stand would be remembered by those striving for social justice for over a thousand years after him.

Whilst Hussain was martyred in the battle, the message of Hussain was born. Here is a vector illustration demonstrating a moment from the battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura when Hussain was attacked and killed.

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