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How To Organize Your Photography Business – 5 FREE Tools For Busy Wedding Photographers


Managing time is a constant struggle for wedding photographers. You spend the majority of your time not taking pictures but trying to understand how to organize your photography business, handling business emails, talking to potential clients, editing or making color correction, promoting your portfolio and services on social media, etc. instead of using good and free photographer organization tools.

Here are 5 free best tools for photographers that will make your wedding photography business develop easier and faster.

Lightroom Presets – Best tools for photographers

Photo editing is a necessary step in every wedding photographer working day. Adobe Lightroom is the most popular software to correct color settings of wedding photographs. Lightroom presets are an excellent way to streamline and enhance your photography fast without wasting much time. These are the best tools for photographers that have saved settings which you can apply to the photos in 2 minutes. Free wedding Lightroom presets will speed up the editing process, help you achieve identic style in pictures that will expand your client base. The Lightroom presets have different effects – Black and White, Matte, HDR, Film, Soft, etc.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is one of the highly recommended wedding photographer organization tools.  It will boost your email productivity. It allows scheduling the messages and tracking them. Even if you are not online, it will still send them to your clients. You can also check whether your email has been read or not. Boomerang will even send you reminders. Even though it is one of the most powerful email marketing tools for photographers. There’s only one drawback – it’s supported only by Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Photographer Workflow Planner

Disorganized work leads to decreased productivity. If you want to increase your efficiency as a wedding photographer, you should add this simplified photography planner into your working process. You won’t wonder how to keep track of photography clients any longer, because it will help you deal with a number of tasks, such as schedule clients that have booked your photoshoot, organize your personal photography projects, schedule future blog posts, reserve time for days off, schedule and plan posts on social media accounts, etc. This planner will structure your wedding photography business life and it’s a must-have for any photographer, who wants to become more organized and focused on their work.

Wedding Photography Session Planner

Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling software that works like your personal business assistant. It manages your appointments on the online calendar. It’s easy to use, lets you customize appointments to your own needs, sees your revenue. You can sync it with Google calendar on your phone and add it to your website.


Defrozo is an online photography marketing website template from MotoCMS. The best thing about this template is that it combines a selection of services to build your personal website. It offers a set of various tools that will facilitate your workflow. They can be either free or paid. The template from MotoCMS includes everything a modern wedding photographer needs from the website – galleries for your portfolio examples, social media widgets to promote your services on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, a blog page for your articles, etc. This template has Drag and Drop Block Editor with the help of which you can build your online portfolio by yourself without additional skills.

These business tools will help you keep your productivity in check. If you have any other tricks or tips on how to organize your photography business or how to run your business professionally, feel free to share them in the comments below.


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