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The Complete Book on AngularJS


The Complete Book on AngularJS is packed with the solutions you need to be an AngularJS ninja. AngularJS is an advanced front-end framework released by the team at Google. It enables you to build a rich front-end experience, quickly and easily.

The Complete Guide to AngularJS gives you the cutting-edge tools you need to get up and running on AngularJS and creating impressive web experiences in no time. It addresses challenges and provides real-world techniques that you can use immediately in your web applications.

It will cover topics that enable you to build professional web apps that perform perfectly. These topics include:

• Interacting with a RESTful web service
• Building custom reusable components
• Testing
• Asynchronous programming
• Building services
• Providing advanced visualizations
• And much more

The goal  is not only to give you a deep understanding of how AngularJS works, but also to give you professional snippets of code so that you can build and modify your own applications.

With these tools and tests, you can dive into making your own dynamic web applications with AngularJS while being confident that your applications will be scalable.


The Complete Book on AngularJS is for those who have never used AngularJS to build a web application and are curious about how to get started with an awesome JavaScript framework. We assume that you have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS and a familiarity with basic JavaScript (and possibly other JavaScript frameworks).

Table of Contents

» Introduction
» The Basics of AngularJS
» Data Binding and Your First AngularJS Web Application
» Modules
» Scopes
» Controllers
» Expressions
» Filters
» Introduction to Directives
» Built-In Directives
» Directives Explained
» Angular Module Loading
» Multiple Views and Routing
» Dependency Injection
» Services
» Communicating with the Outside World: XHR and Server-Side Communication
» XHR in Practice
» Promises
» Server Communication
» Testing
» Events
» Architecture
» Angular Animation
» The Digest Loop and $apply
» Demystifying Angular
» Essential AngularJS Extensions
» Mobile Apps
» Localization
» Caching
» Security
» AngularJS and Internet Explorer
» Building Angular Chrome Apps
» Optimizing Angular Apps
» Debugging AngularJS
» Next Steps

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