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Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure


This guide walks you through a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions. The patterns apply to the development process as well as to architecture and coding practices.

Developers who are curious about developing for the cloud, are considering a move to the cloud, or are new to cloud development will find here a concise overview of the most important concepts and practices they need to know. The concepts are illustrated with concrete examples, and each chapter includes links to other resources that provide more in-depth information. The examples and the links to additional resources are for Microsoft frameworks and services, but the principles illustrated apply to other web development frameworks and cloud environments as well.

Developers who are already developing for the cloud may find ideas here that will help make them more successful.

13 recommended patterns for cloud development

It explains thirteen recommended patterns for cloud development. “Pattern” is used here in a broad sense to mean a recommended way to do things: how best to go about developing, designing, and coding cloud apps. These are key patterns that will help you “fall into the pit of success” if you follow them.

  1. Automate everything
  2. Source control
  3. Continuous integration and delivery
  4. Web development best practices
  5. Single sign-on
  6. Data storage options
  7. Data partitioning strategies
  8. Unstructured blob storage
  9. Design to survive failures
  10. Monitoring and telemetry
  11. Transient fault handling
  12. Distributed caching
  13. Queue-centric work pattern
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