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HTML5 Foundations


Turn plain words and images into stunning websites using HTML5 and this beautiful, full-color guide. Taking you beyond the constraints of pre-built themes and simple site building tools, this combines practicality with inspiration to show you how to create fully customized, modern, and dazzling websites that make viewers want to stop and stay.

  • Teaching you effective and compelling website development and design, helping you build practical skills
  • Provides career-worthy information
  • Explains HTML5 basics, such as how to format text, add scripts to pages, and use HTML5 for audio and video
  • Also covers hypermedia, CSS and JavaScript, embedding video, geolocation, and much more


Part 1. Creating Web Pages with HTML5
Chapter 1. Getting Started with HTML5
Chapter 2. Structuring a Web Page
Chapter 3. Creating the Page Templates
Chapter 4. Creating the Web Pages

Part 2. Dealing with Data
Chapter 5. Working with Forms
Chapter 6. Enhancing Your Web Forms with HTML5
Chapter 7. Validating Form Data Using HTML5
Chapter 8. Using Microdata
Chapter 9. Ensuring Accessibility

Part 3. Enhancing Web Pages with HTML5 and JavaScript
Chapter 10. Introducing JavaScript
Chapter 11. Adding Video and Audio
Chapter 12. Storing Data

Part 4. Advanced HTML5 Technologies
Chapter 13. Using Geolocation
Chapter 14. Using Canvas to Create Online Ads

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