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HTML5 Solutions for Web Designers & Developers


The new elements introduced by HTML5 tend to bridge the gap between structure, defined by the markup; rendering characteristics, defined by styling directives; and the content of a web page, defined by the text itself. Furthermore, HTML5 introduced a native open standard to deliver multimedia content such as audio and video, collaboration APIs, local storage, geolocation APIs, and much more.

HTML5 Solutions is, in fact, intended for readers who want to take their knowledge further with quick-fire solutions to common problems and best practice techniques to improve their HTML5 creative skills. The book is full of creative solutions with real world examples and code to support you as you enter the world of HTML5 development.

This eBook is really a creative resource for web design. Download it and wow your clients with creative effects on your web design projects.

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File Description:

Name: HTML5 Solutions for Web Designers & Developers

Format: Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Authors: Marco Casario, Peter Elst, Charles Brown, Nathalie Wormser, and Cyril Hanquez

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