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Introducing HTML5


This might sound like a silly question, but there is an increasing tendency amongst standards pundits to lump all exciting new web development technologies into a box labeled HTML5. So, for example, we’ve seen SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) referred to as one of the HTML5 family of technologies. To start with Introducing HTML5, no knowledge of HTML5 is assumed, but we expect you’re an experienced (X)HTML author, familiar with the concepts of semantic markup. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more familiar with HTML or XHTML doctypes, but you should be happy coding any kind of strict markup. Grab this free HTML5 ebook now and feel free to share it. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more amazing stuffs and useful information.

By following this ebook hands-on HTML5 code examples you’ll learn:

  • new semantics and structures to help your site become richer and more accessible
  • how to apply the most important JavaScript APIs that are already implemented
  • the uses of native multimedia for video and audio
  • techniques for drawing lines, fills, gradients, images and text with canvas
  • how to build more intelligent web forms
  • implementation of new storage options and web databases
  • how geolocation works with HTML5 in both web and mobile applications
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