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CSS3 – Design Next Generation Web Projects


CSS3 unveils new possibilities for frontend web developers: things that would require JavaScript, such as animation and form validation, or even third party plugins, such as 3D transformations, are now accessible using this technology.

It contains ten web projects fully developed using cutting edge CSS3 techniques. It also covers time saving implementation tips and tricks as well as fallback, polyfills, and graceful degradation approaches.

React to HTML5 form validation, target CSS rules to specific devices, trigger animations and behavior in response to user interaction, gain confidence with helpful tools like SASS, learn how to deal with old browsers and more.

What’s included:

  • Style form fields in response to their validation stage
  • Create realistic buttons enhanced with data-* attributes with a single element
  • Define media queries that activate CSS rules on specific device properties
  • Code a complete image slider with multiple transition effects without using JavaScript
  • Implement CSS3 features like border-radius and transform on old browsers using polyfills
  • Create a parallax effect by taking advantage of 3D transforms
  • Use the new pseudo-selectors to respond to user interaction
  • Apply effects to HTML5 videos such as blur and grayscale using CSS filters and SVG
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