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Learning HTML5 Game Programming


A Hands-on Guide to building online games using Canvas, SVG, and WebGL.

This book covers areas contained in the “loose” definition of HTML5, meaning the HTML5 specification, WebGL, SVG, and JavaScript as they pertain to game programming. It includes sections on the math behind popular game effects, teaching you the hard way before providing the one to two lines of code solution. For those who are still getting accustomed to JavaScript, there is a chapter on alternative languages that can be used to produce games. These include languages that run directly in the JavaScript engine, those that compile to JavaScript, or those that are a combination of the two. Server-side JavaScript has taken the programming world by storm in recent months. For games, it presents an extra level of flexibility to structure games. Logic can start in a self-contained client instance and then progress to a scalable server instance with few changes in code. The book closes with a discussion of how and where you might publish your games.

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