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10 Ways to Improve Your Website

10 ways to improve your website


Need a website? Here’s where to start.

Times have changed. Business has changed. The way you market your business has changed. And if you want to succeed in business, you need to change, too. That means, in 21st century language, you need to have a website for your business. For most of you, that means creating a site to promote and market your company. It’s also a great way to learn more about prospective and existing clients and build relationships with them. Whatever your web strategy is, there’s always room for improvement. This ebook tells you how to make your business’s website more effective, helps you determine what you can do yourself and when it’s best to outsource, and shares the best industry practices.

Now that you’ve decided to take another look at your site, you have to determine exactly what you want your site to do and what kind of experience you want your online customers to have. Is it informational only? Will you use it to promote and create awareness of your service business? Or do you want to drive customers to your brick-and-mortar shop? Do you want to start selling products online, either from your own site or from an online marketplace like eBay or That’s what a web plan is for. Preparing one will help you better understand your market and set goals for your site.

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