Arbaeen Walk – Vector Artwork

Its Arbaeen Walk going on as millions of people including women & children heading to Karbala, Iraq to commemorate the 40th (Arbaeen, in Arabic) of killing of Hussain ibn Ali, The grandson of the Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Its going to be the largest peaceful gathering till date and an expected 30 to 35 million pilgrims will gather in Karbala, Iraq on 3rd December 2015.

So, here is a vector artwork for designers and peace lovers and for all. Its free!

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Aquawax Font

AQUAWAX is a contemporary sans serif typeface family designed by Francesco Canovaro. Balancing sharp angles with soft rounded shapes, the typeface wants to evoke a digital, contemporary sensibility of liquid connections and digital smoothness. Aquawax covers over 40 languages that use the Latin alphabet, with full range of accents and diacritics. 

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