50 Flat Icon Set


This set of 50 Flat Icons is an exclusive freebie. Cute, quirky and super detailed, you won’t find a set like this anywhere else. The icon set includes all icons in separate PNG, PSD and SVG formats in 32×32 and 64×64 pixels. In addition the flat icon set includes vector versions AI & EPS as well. Download, enjoy and share having this beautiful icon set.

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Ornamental Frames


Here is another great vector resource of Beautiful Ornamental Frames in vector format that can be used for displaying snaps and the pictures you love in styles. These ornamental frames can be used in different other ways like in borders or corners of your brochures, post cards, posters or other graphic design projects and even used in web pages and blogs to make it attractive for viewers.

Its available in several different formats i.e: AI, EPS and PSD for use in multiple platforms. Ornamental Frames are designed in vector format for easy customization. Download, enjoy and share these beautiful ornamental frames.

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Git Recipes – A Problem-Solution Approach


Whether you’re relatively new to git or you need a refresher, or if you just need a quick, handy reference for common tasks in git, Git Recipes is just the reference book you need.

With recipes to cover any task you can think of, including working with GitHub and git on BitBucket, Git Recipes shows you how to work with large repositories, new repositories, forks, clones, conflicts, differences, and it even gives you practical scenarios you may find yourself dealing with while using git.

If you work with Git at all, you need this hands-on, practical reference for all things Git. How to work with both well-known and local repositories , How to deal with issues like dangling revisions and disjointed branches , How to pinpoint who made specific changes, How to deal with textual and binary conflicts , How to work with hosted solutions like GitHub and BitBucket , How to work with git in large groups People who need a quick, practical reference for everything related to Git.

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Jackie Chan Adventures – Cartoon Characters

Jackie-Chan-Adventures - Cartoon-Characters

Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon characters in vector formats for vector lovers and graphic design, in fact for everyone to be used in their designs, animations and use in different media platforms. Its available in multiple formats including AI, EPS, PSD, Transparent PNG and a JPEG preview format. Get this great vector resource now.

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