Learning Node.js


A Hands-On Guide to Building Web Applications in JavaScript

Node.js makes it far easier to create fast, compact, and reliable web/network applications and web servers, and is rapidly becoming indispensable to modern web developers.

Learning Node.js brings together the knowledge and JavaScript code you need to build master the Node.js platform and build server-side applications with extraordinary speed and scalability.

You’ll start by installing and running Node.js, understanding the extensions it uses, and quickly writing your first app. Next, building on the basics, you’ll write more capable application servers and extend them with today’s most powerful Node.js tools and modules. Finally, you’ll discover today’s best practices for testing, running Node.js code on production servers, and writing command-line utilities.

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Brand Identity Mockup


Brand Identity Mockup provides a great way to showcase your branding project. Present your creative work to your clients in a creative way. It can be used for personal or corporate branding. The mockup package comes with an editable PSD file with smart objects. It includes files for letterhead, phone, business card and other useful office objects.

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Twitter Profile PSD Mockup


Twitter is the most used website worldwide for fun, news, updates, businesses and more. For those work in graphic design field, its obvious to have some mockups and presentation templates to showcase their designs to clients in a creative way.

If you have a project to design a Twitter profile cover, it will be good to provide a real-time presentation to your clients with this great Twitter profile PSD mockup. With smart-object layers you can easily customize the mockup to meet your needs.

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Abstract Vector Backgrounds


Web pages, brochures and other graphic design stuff look great if they have beautiful abstract backgrounds. Designs with beautiful abstract backgrounds appeal more visitors and viewers and one can get more business.

Here is a collection of 6 beautiful abstract vector backgrounds that can be customized easily to meet your needs.

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